Join us in April for an outstanding professional development opportunity!


We are thrilled about the second Seminar that Cadwell Collaborative will co-host for educators here in St. Louis in April:

Myth Busters: Challenge Assumptions and Learn for the Future

We are fortunate to collaborate with three schools: The College School; The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District; and The St. Michael School.

Participants will 

  • participate in student led tours of eco school yards and innovative school design
  • observe dynamic classes and students in action
  • learn in presentations by students and teachers
  • join in Open Space dialogue and idea sharing
  • challenge assumptions and learn for the future

A Seminar for K-12 Educators

April 19 & 20, 2012  

St. Louis, Missouri

Join us as we challenge common assumptions about schools and explore new ways of thinking about learning in the 21st century. 

Assumption: Independent and public schools do not collaborate.  Instead, learn from the dynamic collaboration and professional growth among two independent schools and a public district.

Assumption: Students don't do real work in school.  Instead, witness engaged, high achieving students in action, learning and working for a healthy, hopeful future.

Assumption: Students are not yet citizens.  Instead, explore with teachers and students stories of effective projects that contribute to their communities.

Assumption: Teachers deliver curricula, students receive it.  Instead, observe students and teachers collaborate and work together to create effective results.

Assumption: Tests are the best measure of achievement.  Instead, look at a long view of achievement through electronic portfolios of exemplary work and student reflection on progress over time.


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