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Our books are written to inspire educators who want to understand the principles and practices of meaningful, artful, constructivist education and to bring them to life with students.

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Bringing Reggio Emilia Home is the first book to integrate the experiences of one American teacher on a year long internship in the preschools of Reggio, with a four-year adaptation effort in one American school. The lively text includes many “mini-stories” of preschool and kindergarten age children, teachers and parents who embark on the journeys of learning together. These journeys take shape in language, in drawings, in tempera paint and clay, in outdoor excursions, and in the imaginations of both the children and adults. This formative and accessible work features photographs of the children (both in Italy and the United States) and samples of children’s work, including some in full color.

“Between 1989 and 1993, just three educators from the United States were granted permission to spend a year as interns in the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Louise Cadwell was one of them…[then] in St. Louis, the journey of Louise continues as a shared experience toward a deeper understanding of the potential of children and adults, constructing a network that sustains their mutual conversation in many languages.” – From the Forward by Lella Gandini.

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In the Spirit of the studio

As the authors state in their opening chapter of In the Spirit of the Studio, “prepare to be amazed.” This beautiful book describes the revolution that the Reggio Emilia Atelier (studio) brought to the education of young children in Italy, and follows that revolution across the ocean to North America. It explores how the experiences of children interacting with rich materials in the atelier affect an entire school’s approach to the construction and expression of thought and learning.

“It’s now widely understood that the preschools of Reggio Emilia are among the most important educational endeavors of the last century. Theoretically grounded and eminently practical, drawing on experiences in Italy and the United States, this book probes deeply into the atelier, the heartland of a Reggio inspired school.” – Howard Gardner, author of Changing Minds and Good Work

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In Bringing Learning to Life Louise Cadwell builds on her enormously popular book, Bringing Reggio Emilia Home. Cadwell helps American educators understand what it means to use ideas from the Reggio Approach in their classrooms. In new and dynamic ways, Cadwell once again takes readers inside the day-to-day practice of a group of early childhood educators. This time she describes the growth and evolution of the work in the St. Louis Reggio Collaborative over a 10 year period.

“Louise Cadwell and her colleagues have honored the extraordinary work of the preschools in Reggio Emilia in the best possible way. This book is a rich portrait of the exploration of the meaning of Reggio’s work in their own schools, giving us vivid portraits of both the teachers’ and the students’ work and learning.” – Steve Seidel, Director Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education

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Five beautiful student books reflect the learning of long term projects at one public charter school and one independent school. Supplementary materials include teacher interviews, curriculum maps, sustainability education resources, recommended reading and materials.

“I have a sense of hope that many more schools will begin to educate students in ways that work best for children and that sustainability principles and concepts will be woven into our fabric of life, into our school’s curricula and become as natural as breathing. I like to think of Margaret Mead’s words, ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ You, me, the children involved this project [Collecting Nature’s Alphabet], all of us make up that small group of thoughtful, committed citizens. I believe that Margaret Mead is right, and that we can change the world.” –
Uchenna Ogu, kindergarten teacher, The College School, St. Louis, MO

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To order: contact Louise Cadwell Highly recommended complementary material: EfS Curriculum Design Studio in a Box, from The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education. To order go to: http://www.cloudinstitute.org/curriculumbox

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