We believe that all schools can be dynamic, engaging places.

Our approach combines excellent academic content and skills with real world projects,
uniting strong school cultures with community collaboration and authentic youth engagement.

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What We Do

Curriculum Design

We coach teachers and administrators to use a curriculum mapping framework to build strong, relevant approaches to teaching and learning. We assist teachers and students in preparing exemplary work that informs and engages their community.

Coaching & Consulting

We work with school leaders and teachers to design on-going professional development in curriculum design, documentation and assessment processes, systems for faculty collaboration and classroom and school design.


School Design

Our designs will reflect a new way of thinking about school such that the form of the buildings and spaces support myriad learning styles, multiple disciplines, collaboration, and authentic youth engagement in communities.

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What Our Clients & Colleagues Say

"Louise and Ashley Cadwell have stellar track records for innovation in education. Not only have they and their colleagues transformed their own schools into models of inspired and creative practice, but they have also worked effectively with thousands of educators, public and independent from around the country, to share their expertise."

"Louise Cadwell and her colleagues have honored the work of the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy in the best possible way. In the book, Bringing Learning to Life, they give us vivid portraits of students’ and teachers’ work and learning through the exploration of the meaning of Reggio’s work in their own schools."


"It has been a dream come true to work with Louise Cadwell over the last three years. She continues to help us create innovative curricula that models learning as a transformative experience. Louise challenges the status quo of education and envisions with us schools as they should be for all children."

Pat Bassett, Past President, National Association of Independent Schools

Steve Seidel, Arts in Education Program Director at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Dr. Ena Shelley, Dean, College of Education, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana


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