Louise’s and Ashley’s reflections have been an invaluable resource in the development of our school. Their thoughtful participation in dialogue with our staff as we have sought to improve, focus, and better understand our work over the years is something we have benefited from and looked forward to tremendously.
— Susan Harris MacKay, author, researcher and teacher at The Opal School of the Portland Children’s Museum

Louise’s presentation was a marvelous way to open our minds to merging exemplary student work with the notion of sustainability and systems. Her presentation was vital in bringing together the two ideas of creativity and sustainability; her enthusiasm was magical and very inspiring.
— Winter Institute participant, St. Louis, 2008

Ashley has been an inspired leader, mentor and teacher to the faculty and staff in addition to being a builder, an architect, a writer and an artist. His vision launched our school toward what it is today; a school with an innovative, creative, collaborative curriculum and environment with a world-wide reputation.
— Kathy Dicke, Business Manager, The St. Michael School

Thank you for hosting such high caliber professional development. It was like a vitamin shot for me personally and professionally. When I reflect on gratitude – I am so grateful for your commitment to educators.
— Participant at Winter Institute, St. Louis 2008

I have not been to any schools quite like The College School and the St. Michael School in St. Louis where the evidence of student work and student understanding is so prevalent and so available to the outside visitor. The student writing, scientific and cultural studies, drawings, paintings and all the displayed work is remarkable.
— Joshua Hahn, Assistant Head of School and Director of Environmental Initiatives, The Hotchkiss School

I wanted to thank you so much for this week. You challenged my thinking and made me think more deeply about my practices. I look forward to utilizing the tools and strategies that you gave me this week. In particular, I feel that I learned so much more about curriculum maps and the usefulness that they provide, so thank you for all of your insight in helping me understand them more. Lastly, the aspect of the learning this week that made it most significant was the meaningful and emotional connection to all that we are doing. I will remember and practice much of what we discussed because of that thread.
— Abby Bucher, Indianapolis Public School Butler University Laboratory School

I would say without hesitation that working closely with Louise last spring was the difference that we needed to turn the learning of our classroom community toward a positive and powerful conclusion. I believe that our work together was a fine example of the power of collaboration that enriched the learning of both children and adults and also produced a beautiful book by children that the families treasure. I will always feel energized by and grateful for Louise’s expert guidance and direction.
— Nancy Wobbe, teacher at The College School St. Louis MO, 2000-2010

I am feeling inspired and enlivened and I have you to thank you for lighting the spark. Thank you for taking the time to study the Reggio Approach as well as Sustainability Education, and for presenting them to the teachers of La Scuola in a way that is very accessible and applicable. Thank you for spreading such good energy. Thank you for being helpful in very concrete ways, without being invasive or judgmental. Your warmth and passion and strong, solid belief in your philosophy filled up our entire school when you were present. It was a feeling that didn’t go away after you left.
— Jessica Dilorenzo, Former teacher at La Scuola, now first grade at Princeton Junior School

It is always such an incredibly meaningful experience to work with Ashley Cadwell! Through the mentoring of Cadwell Collaborative, our school has grown in so many ways! THANK YOU Ashley Cadwell and Louise Cadwell for continuing to share your knowledge and passion with our team and for continuing to inspire us year after year!
— Barbie Perez, Director, La Scuola, Miami, Florida

Thank you both so much for all you’re doing for us here at Principia. You have a wonderful way of telling us what we need to do, but at the same time, you’re compassionate and uplifting as well. I appreciate that very much. Thanks for the work you helped us with today on improving environments. Your changes were vast improvements.
— Anne Banaskavich, Principia School, St. Louis, MO

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