Happy Thanksgiving

Right now, I am thankful for many people and places mostly, and feeling abundantly blessed.  Among the amazing miracles that I am also thankful for is our lemon tree.  That's right, in St. Louis, MO, on a gray, wet, dark day, we have, in our porch room, a blooming lemon tree with about 30 lemons on it in various stages of ripening!  

People are amazed when they see it, like a perfect manifestation of the goodness of the planet, offering lemons in a cold climate all winter long.  We give lemons to friends when they visit.  They exclaim, cup the lemon in their hands, close their eyes and bring the lemon to their noses and sigh as they take in a long whiff.

Today, as I often encourage others to do, I sat down to draw a lemon.  To notice the beautiful curve and the tiny, bumpy texture, and the shiny, dark, dark green leaves of all sizes brings me happiness.  Taking the time to draw as adults, and especially with children, with soft colored pencils of many hues and satisfying pens, is such an important and lovely way to be present, to be awake, to be thankful and to make something that you will remember.

So, this Thanksgiving season, pull up your chair, get out some pens, and draw with the children you are with.  Draw the pies, the apples, the flowers, the people, the joy and the gratefulness that we share this time of year.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Louise and Ashley