Visiting Schools in St. Louis

This week we have been in St. Louis working with schools that we love.  We worked with the educators in these schools for 20 years, hosted many conferences and events with them, wrote articles and book chapters with them and learned much of what we understand now about education alongside them.

What a pleasure it is to be back on our home  turf!  We collaborated with The College School, Clayton Schools' Family Center and The St. Michael School to plan a program to host visitors from St. Mary's Child Center in Indianapolis, Winnetka Public Nursery School outside of Chicago, one educator in a Ph.D. Program at St. Louis University and another from Hutchison School in Memphis.

We all viewed such high quality learning environments and student and teacher work while we were together.  We spent a good deal of time observing in the schools and interacting with teachers in dialogue.  Ashley and Louise led workshops for the visitors in  documentation and curriculum design.  All of our visitors appreciated  learning together and witnessing schools that could inform and inspire their own work.

We are grateful to these places and to these educators for their wonderful work and their open doors.  Thank you to all of our educator friends and colleagues in St. Louis for continuing to inspire all of us.  Ashley and I will continue to return to St. Louis and to work with our home schools whenever we can.  In the meantime, if you are interested in visiting, please contact them.