The White House Kitchen Garden

Last weekend we went to Washington D.C. to be with Louise's family (her brother, Steve, lives there). On Friday morning we went on a tour of the White House Gardens.  I have to admit, I was somewhat blasé about the idea...until I walked through the gate and saw this:

It's not an overwhelmingly huge house.  The proportions seem just right, especially because of the surrounding grounds, a wonderful composition of open space and magnificent trees.  There was quite a crowd, but the general feeling among the throng was so enthusiastic and respectful that wandering the pathway was very enjoyable.  Here's Jacqueline Kennedy's garden:

And the Rose Garden:

The Rose Garden attracted the largest crowd...and I soon discovered why.  President Obama could be seen through the window of the Oval Office at the end of the garden.  According to a couple from Iowa with whom I spoke, as he entered the office he had come to the window and waved.  Can you see him?

I think I did...but I soon was much more attracted to the prospect of seeing the Kitchen Garden, down the sweeping driveway, below.  It is quite a feat.  Very well organized and well tended.  Surprise, surprise...our First Lady has inspired a great example for us all.  It is large, but when I paced it off, I could see that it would fit quite easily in most front or back yards.

Just to one side of the Kitchen Garden, there is a beehive.

It was wonderful to be inspired by the First House of our nation.  I think I'll begin planning our Vermont kitchen garden right now.