It is full blown spring in St. Louis. Everything is blooming at once...my mother's crab apple that we moved 14 years ago to our front yard from her side yard before her house was sold, the wisteria on the post and beam trellis that Ashley built to shelter the brick walk to the back of our house, the pink parrot tulips that we planted last fall, the white lilacs.  All these blooms fill the light, cool spring air with intoxicating fragrance.  Right now, as we wait for our chicken to roast, the pale new leaves of the pear tree tremble in the evening breeze.

I am so happy to be alive and living here in this place, so gratified to be doing the work that we are doing in the world with such inspiring and aspiring educators.  We are glad that we are all part of a positive conspiracy, a revolution in education that seeks to overturn low expectations and low opportunity for a vision of what is really possible and what is truly, clearly and absolutely needed in education now and for the future. That is an education and learning experience in school that is full of meaning and human flourishing and happiness, that prepares informed and educated citizens and cultivates communities that learn together.  We are all in this life together, all connected to one another, to our planet's natural systems and to our shared world.  School must now align with this reality.  We wish you all a beautiful, mindful and joyous spring in your place on earth, wherever you are.

Louise and Ashley