Singing the Praises of Music in School

Last week Ashley and I attended holiday concerts at three of the schools where we work in St. Louis.  Last Wednesday, we went to the Maplewood Richmond Heights Winter Market where students sold bee products from wax and honey that they had harvested from their own bees.  They researched how to and then created  tea lights, lip balm, tree ornaments, and soap.  And, of course, there was golden, local MRH honey for sale. These students are working on a triple bottom line business plan for their small non profit business.  The holiday concert which followed the Winter Market featured the MRH exemplary bands and and choirs.  Several students from this small district have been chosen out of hundreds of competitors state wide to play for a state music educators conference in 2012.

We also were so happy to attend the St. Michael School holiday concert where students sang songs and carols in different languages and from different religions surrounded by a glow of twinkling lights.  On Friday, we witnessed the extraordinary talent of all ages at The College School at their Winter Arts Share.  At all of these events we were in awe of the skill, passion, presence and grace of all of the students ranging from age 3 to 18 who sang and danced and played with all of their hearts.  It is such a privilege to see all three schools' students on stage at this time of year.

Ashley and I are  lucky to work with these three schools where we collaborate with dedicated educators, students and families.

Especially at the darkest time of the year, what light and joy they offer the world of education, their communities and families!

We wish all of you a joyous holiday!  Louise and Ashley