School 33 Buffalo, NY

Ashley and I started working with School 33 in Buffalo, NY in the end of August.  The administration of this pre-eighth grade public school wrote a state grant to study inquiry and project-based curriculum as well as the Reggio Approach to the education of young children.  When funded, they found Cadwell Collaborative in early summer and asked us to partner with them in their new learning adventure. This school is dedicated to Dual Language Instruction.  They want their English speakers to learn Spanish and their Spanish speakers to learn English.  This is a great way to approach language learning and we are all for it.  The administration and the teaching staff reflects this diversity.  While we were there, we worked with the faculty for three days on the theory and practice of teaching and learning that is rich, meaningful, aligns with Common Core State Standards, and results in exemplary student work.  All of the teachers were eager and ready to embrace these new ways of working and open to trying.  This is exciting for us to be sure.

This morning, one of the teachers, Tracy Rose, sent us a blog that she just launched. She is the newly hired atelierista working with pre through second grades.  And, we also received another blog on project work launched by  curriculum specialist, Rebecca Fast.  We are so impressed that they are ready, already, to share the work that they and the teachers are doing with students.  Take a look here.  And here.

We will share more about this new project as we proceed during the year.  In the meantime, look at some of the Buffalo teachers' own work.