Reflecting on 2011

We are in Vermont this week between Christmas and New Years at the farm where Ashley grew up.  This morning there is a dusting of sugar snow on the ground, a clearing sky and flat light and the dogs are running joyful circles in the yard.  The oven is on and bread is baking.  What could be better really? In less than a week 2011 will be gone and we will be launched into another year.  Cadwell Collaborative has been up and running for three and a half years now. Ashley and I are enjoying our work and our collaborations with schools and educators in so many productive and happy ways.  During this month we have been updating our website and blog and we are almost finished with this round.  A wonderful friend and colleague, illustrator and graphic artist, Penny Dullaghan, is helping us.

This morning I came across an idea on a photographer friend's blog to reflect on the year in photographs, Beautiful 2011.   We will do that in this post, sharing several of the new photos that are up on our website and a few other favorites from our work in schools this year.  With continuing thanks to the schools where we have worked as part of learning teams in 2011: The St. Michael SchoolThe College SchoolMaplewood Richmond Heights School District; Indianapolis Public School Butler University Laboratory School; and Opal School.