Post Proof


Krista Tippett and her radio show On Being is a great inspiration to us always and especially now.  Driving to Boston a week or so ago we listened again to Krista's pre-election interview with Muslim founder and leader of the Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago, Eboo Patel, and poet and Poet Laureate, Natasha Tretheway.  The title of the show is "How to Live Beyond This Election."  It is an enlightening, heartwarming, real and wise conversation.


Toward the end of the show, Eboo Patel said this...

— a great radio host named Norman Corwin, who was kind of the Krista Tippett of his time, if you will...


DR. PATEL: ...he hosted these beautiful radio productions. He’s got this line that I say to a lot of 20-year-olds on campuses. “Post proofs that brotherhood is not so wild a dream that those who profit by postponing it pretend.” That’s your job, right? Post that proof. Just do that. It is a religious act, however small it might be. Just post your proof that brotherhood, sisterhood, empathy, solidarity, is not so wild a dream that these other people think it might be.

That seems like a very wise idea.  We all do it anyway.  We literally post images and articles and sights and sounds that are inspiring in this uncertain time. Now, more than ever, that is what we are called to do.  Post Proof! That justice, love, dreams, doing what is the right thing to do for ourselves, all people everywhere, all creatures, the planet is happening right now.

Today, we post proof by sharing what Middlebury College has accomplished in the last decade by taking a group of students' proposal seriously and committing to a very big dream...becoming carbon neutral by 2016.  And in December, 2016, they have done it.

This is such a milestone to be so proud of.  Middlebury College...students, trustees, faculty and staff, parents...thank you for your leadership now and into the future.  Click here and watch the short and inspiring video of how this happened.