Learning Together in a Special Place



Learning Together in a Special Place: Perspectives on Leadership

June 11 - 16, 2016

Learning and Leading for the Future

Ashley and I, along with Lori Ryan, faculty member at the University of Colorado Denver, have been invited to co-facilitate the first of three June 2016 sessions arranged by Angela Ferrario in Mercatello sul Metauro, Italy. As I wrote in an earlier blog, the setting is particularly unique and beautiful.

We have begun preparing for the session and are excited about Learning and Leading for the Future as the fertile ground for the shared thinking of a small group of early childhood and elementary educators about the current challenges and opportunities within our 21st century schools. As more and more is required of teachers, children, and families today, we find ourselves flipping the challenge on it’s head to ask ourselves…

What inspires all members of a learning community to embrace their passions, co-create a vibrant learning community and in doing so, contribute to a healthy, hopeful future for our children and our world?

How do teacher leaders, administrators and all members of a school community invite and sustain such contexts and cultures?

These positively oriented questions, can-do attitudes, and appreciative leading approaches will guide the experiences, conversations, and reflections of Learning and Leading for the Future.

As an interactive community of learners, participants will approach leading and learning for the future from a self-reflective, appreciative and curious stance.

Register here for an opportunity to…

  • Look back at the field's historical roots and re-capture your own unique personal and professional stories ILLUMINATING THE BRIGHT SPOTS when things felt like they were working well and everyone was learning
  • Leave with a new vision, new possibilities and plan for LEADING ONE’S OWN LEARNING COMMUNITY with the future in mind

As facilitators, the three of us look forward to revisiting the origins of our work together that began many years ago as we studied and grew the three schools of the St. Louis Reggio Collaborative that now continue to thrive.

We look forward to a session that promises to be a blend of reflection, inspiration, and application as well as a lot of fun.  There are a few spots left and time to register.  Please join us in Italy!