Happy Halloween

cadcollabOn this rainy day, I was struck by the bright yellow and crimson leaves on the grass on an afternoon walk around the Arnold Arboretum.  This weather and this season make me think of our holiday coming up...always right before important elections for our country.  I think of all the Halloweens that I have spent in schools, the parades and treats and children as animals, heroes, characters from books and movies, angels, devils, princesses, and kings. I think of all the Halloweens with our own two sons growing up...as mice, and moose and wizards in costumes often fashioned at home.  And now, I make and find costumes for our grandchildren and we attend a rollicking neighborhood party and pot luck in Boston with them and their parents right around the corner.  It's a funny holiday where adults and children can be someone else for a day or an evening, be totally zany, take on another identity. It's a time to celebrate playfulness.

I include here a few of our family's costumes going back to my mother in 1915!

We wish all of you everywhere a festive, fun, and happy Halloween.