Exploring Identity at Buckingham Browne & Nichols


IMG_5097The work that the early childhood through second grade students, teachers and administrators have done during the 2015-2016 year at Buckingham Browne & Nichols Lower School is beautiful and exemplary. If you live in the Boston area, we highly recommend that you give a call and arrange to stop by and view the gallery that includes identity projects that all of the classes have engaged in, pre school (Beginners) through second grade.  If you can't go by, go here to view a video walk through of the gallery.

As part of the introduction to the gallery, teachers write:

This project demonstrates that identity is the space from which deep learning emerges. It is through this powerful sense of knowing and being known that our best selves emerge.  These are the selves that are not afraid to question, to innovate, to advocate, and to imagine.  These are the selves that take risks, safe in the knowledge that their community will catch them and carry them through the process. These are the selves who are not afraid to ask, "What might be possible?" 


















This morning, we stopped by to see the gallery installed.  The work is varied, thoughtful, compelling and engaging.  The gallery includes graphic work, reflective writing, poetry, collage, painting, multiple drafts and finished pieces. We feel at once so proud of all the teachers and students and in awe of what they have accomplished.  Growth, willingness, perseverance and hard work on the part of each and every member of this community has made this work possible and now visible for all of us.  It is thrilling to see and feel the momentum and energy that takes over when teachers see what is possible and a new way of teaching and learning ignites and begins to take the lead.  It seems unstoppable and contagious.

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May we all be uplifted when student voice rings true in many different forms, when students are inspired and supported to do their very best work for an authentic audience, and when we all learn from the perspectives and wisdom our youngest citizens.