Baby Therapy

Last weekend, we had our whole family at the Middlebury house in Vermont. Whole family means, oldest son, Alden, daughter-in-law, Caroline, grand baby, Asher, 9 months, and youngest son, Chris. Oh, and Olly, the chocolate lab.  What a pick me up for a girl with a broken bone!  To have a full house with baby brought with it a powerful dose of super endorphins and healing laughter.  My favorite times were the play times with Asher in my single bed downstairs, right off the kitchen.  One or the other parent would deliver Asher to me in the morning and we would find a great children's station on Pandora and start to dance and play with his musical toys, bells, shakers and cymbals.  I forgot about my hurting hip and we rocked out as much as is possible for being in bed!

Wide-eyed, curious, smiling, giggling, open, terribly enthusiastic about just about everything.  These are qualities that we all might aspire to and they are just what the doctor ordered for me.  I remember once, long ago, when a friend asked me how old Alden was and I said, "Nine months." "Ah," she said, "that is my very favorite age."  I realized at the time, that she had something.  Fully still a baby, and yet, almost not a baby...full of bursting, responding, participating joy.  That is what is so irresistible.

As I wait out this time, when I am missing the rest of Asher's ninth month so that I can heal properly and get back into the swing of life as I knew it, I am so grateful for him, for family, and for the love that we share.  And, I am grateful for the wonderful colleagues who have showed such support during this down time.  I am feeling more and more energetic and I am starting to launch back into projects with the schools where I am part of teams that are doing wonderful work.

As far as reflection goes, and the value of stopping and truly appreciating all that life is, a dear friend sent me this video today. I had seen it before and I am a great fan of Brother David Steindl-Rast who narrates it. I was so happy to see it again.  It too, is just what the doctor ordered.  I think you will like it.