A new generation: Welcome Asher Adams Cadwell!

On April 23rd at 10:30 p.m. Ashley and Louise became grandparents of Asher Adams Cadwell.  Asher is a  9 pound, 12 ounce, baby boy born to son, Alden and daughter-in-law, Caroline.  What a miracle!  We feel blessed to be in Boston this week with the new family to help out and to be fully present to this new, beautiful baby who, by some amazing cycle of life, is related to us. All the genes of knowing how to be with and care for babies, and fully enjoy babies are blooming in Alden, our own first born, handed down to Alden from his father, Ashley, to Ashley from his mother and grandparents.  It is clear and marvelous to behold.  Nurture and nature coming full circle.

When I was at a baby shower for Caroline last January, one of the people there who is like an aunt to Caroline wrote on a card, "If I were a child again, I would want you two for parents."  That is how I feel now, watching all of this unfold.  What a secure, happy, well researched, and instinctive response to a new born baby.  How I wish this could be the case for every baby born.

Now...all of our work toward creating conditions in schools for students, teachers and families to thrive and grow, to tap the best of their abilities, to create and offer beautiful, meaningful work to the world, and to share responsibility for bringing a healthy, hopeful and vibrant future into being...all this takes on a whole new meaning.  Now our family's future stretches much farther out in time.  And our love for youth and the beauty of our world is deepened.  Praise be.  And love to all.  Louise and Ashley